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Additionally, it is equipped with Wi-Fi so that you can instantly share your perfect photos with friends online. This is a waterproof, dustproof, freeze proof and shockproof camera with a decent-sized A big plus is it is easy and simple to use thanks to its large buttons and simple menu.

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Being one of the best waterproof camera models out there, it comes with a 3-times wide-angle optical zoom and 6-times dynamic fine zoom for improved digital zoom that will drastically sharpen and enlarge the image you are taking. This camera comes with loads of additional features for creative shooting, with a few highlights including image effects miniature, selective color, etc. It comes with When you want to film some videos, there is p Full HD quality here for an excellent experience. With its large 3. The 5-time optical zoom is especially great for those concerned with their image quality can be further improved, so you can catch even the smallest details.

Use the built-in Wi-Fi feature to download the photos and share them with your friends online pretty easily. Like many of the previous models listed thus far, this is not only waterproof but shock proof, freeze proof and dust proof as well. The camera is also equipped with some more rare and innovative features such as geo-tagging so that you can attach the location to your photos, as well as built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity to can share your photos and videos on social media instead of uploading them to your computer first.

The color options are pretty cool, too. It will give you some beautiful, clear images even when you are on the go. This camera comes with a built-in GPS for geo-tagging of your photos and videos while out and about and the shutter button will enable shooting up to 15 frames per second for high-quality, interesting continuous photos; features such as Live Image Control and Slow View will further spice up shooting. With the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, you can instantly share your photos and videos online instead of using your computer as the middle-man. This camera is also equipped with the option to geo-tag your photos, while the unique Points of Interest POI feature enables you to detect interesting photographic locations nearby for you to shoot with your ultimate waterproof camera.

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We just hope you have the budget who knows, you may want to save up for this to take a step up as to what you were previously looking for. This camera with waterproof protection is a bit higher when it comes to price-point as compared to many others in this guide, but it may very well be worth the investment if you have the cash handy. If you were looking for the highest megapixel count alone as well as the best waterproof camera that had some the most advanced technology in here, check this one out.

It comes with an The well-known, powerful Carl Zeiss wide-angle lens delivers 5x optical zoom that combined with the built-in LED lamp enables very detailed close shots. While it features a NIKKOR ED wide-angle glass lens, you are able to get excellent broad scope underwater photos while still not getting the fish-eye effect on land as you do with other underwater cameras that only feature the fish-eye lens.

The COOLPIX AW also features a 5x optical zoom , but it is important to remember that you still need to get closer underwater for clear photos and not rely on the zoom so much. The AW is also capable of taking five shots per second to assure you can capture even the quickest creatures in all their glory. Its built-in WiFi also allows for easy transfer to wherever you want to store your pictures. It also has the capability to take p videos footage as well. Finally, while it does have auto flash, it is a mighty powerful flash and responsive even underwater, too. Pricing and Reviews.

Although it is only rated to withstand water up to depths of 50 feet, typically that is enough for many water enthusiasts. However, because it is so thin and compact, it actually has some pretty good compatibility with a number of housing options. One notable downside is that it is not as impact proof as some underwater models, with an impact resistance of just under six feet. What is more importance is the performance. At the touch of button, you can capture full HD videos of your underwater adventure , but its most impressive feature is its continuous shooting mode.

With this mode, you can capture up to ten pictures a second, almost assuring you get at least one good shot of even the dartiest little sea creatures before they move out of range. It features an internal flash, but it comes with a number of different modes including forced, suppressed, slow synchronization, and red-eye reduction for when you use is on land.

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As it has a wide range lens and a variety of flash types, you can easily transition this camera from land to the water without much of a fuss. While it features However, the FinePix also comes with a respectable backlit CMOS sensor that is awesome at capturing quality images in the low light of the ocean. With this sensor, you also get a stabilization feature that prevents blur from shaky hands, ocean currents, or when zoomed in.

One of the more intriguing features of the FinePix is that it not only connects to your smart phone or tablet for photo storage, but you can actually use those devices for its remote shooting feature. This means you can set it up on a tripod on land and get in for a group picture without worrying about a timer. It also means you could technically suspend it in water and take remote photographs of the more skittish sea life without spooking them with your handsome face.

When it comes to cameras, underwater or otherwise, Canon is still very much the king. With their Powershot D30, they still bring that Canon quality into a tight underwater package. It provides waterproofing without housing up to depths of 82 feet and has an respectable impact protection up to 6. While it comes with a 5x optical zoom , many people tend to fault the PowerShot for only having 12 megapixels of resolution the average is about 16 , which may make photos slightly lower quality on land, but not in the water.

In fact, its BSI-CMOS sensor more than makes up for the lack of megapixels by providing excellent quality pictures underwater, providing you follow the basics of underwater photography mentioned above.

The 6 Best Waterproof Cameras to Buy in 12222

Another factor that makes up for its lack of megapixels is its wide variety of auto focus technology that makes it easier for beginners to get an excellent picture. The contrast detector, multi-area, and tracking auto focus modes in particular are great to have underwater if you want to take broad pictures of coral or get a good picture of sea life while they are in motion.

You also get several different flash types that can help with both above and below the water pictures in low light.

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Like many cameras, the interface is pretty intuitive for the beginning user. However, if you are familiar with photography, there are a lot of nice extra options that you can play around with for more interesting pictures. The variety of different aspects you can manually tweak is something that you can and should expect of the Canon brand. However, the PowerShot is not without its faults, and the most major one is the slow continuous shooting speed.

It can only capture 1. However, the tracking focus option does actually kind of make up for it by assuring that, while you get less pictures, they are of better quality. This means you are fully dependant on the SD card to store your pictures and have to back them up later after you are out of the water.

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The lack of WiFi is the one thing that could be a deal breaker for many since most underwater cameras come with it. This tough-looking bad boy is excellent for people that want their underwater camera more for just snorkeling, but want to be able to take it diving as well, and with waterproofing able to handle up to feet of water, this is underwater camera that can do just that. You choose the option and it provides crisp and clear photographs both underwater and on land. It is also capable of taking p HD videos featuring piano controls. Although it has no WiFi, it does feature a pretty large 32 GB SD card, which is plenty large enough to store tons of pictures and video until you get back to transfer them onto your PC.

With its 10x zoom, you can get plenty of close up shots, but it still important to remember that you need to be relatively close to your subject to avoid backscatter and lack of contrast. However, one of the most potentially deal breaking features of the SeaLife Micro is its flash.

It features an internal flash that works reasonably well if you are close enough, but I feel like they skimped on the flash to make you buy the external Dragon flashes. These flash attachments you can use one or one on each side of the camera are super powerful external flashes that come in UW and UW models, but they are also super expensive attachments.

Regardless, they can turn good underwater photos into great ones with the color they bring to the table. Unfortunately, with the cost that two Dragons and the camera would cost, you would probably just be better off buying a high quality DSLR camera.

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If you are looking for the cheapest of the cheap without buying one of those terrible underwater disposable cameras, the Intova is as low as you can go without buying something that is just utterly terrible. When compared to all the great cameras above, the Intova Duo almost seems like a joke, but it is actually a pretty tough little camera for the price. Upon first opening the Intova Duo, it almost seems like it is a toy. It is super small and its exterior casing gives it a toy kind of feel.

Perhaps that is part of the reason so many people recommend it for kids, but the cheap price and some other handy features are part of that too.

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The first feature that sets the Intova Duo apart is that it comes with its own housing. It is that buoyancy that is why many parents choose this for their kids and themselves, especially since you can get it in other colors than blue so you can find it easily if it gets away from you. There are likely so much expensive cameras on the sea floor, but this is not one of them.

The buoyancy is nice, but how does it perform? Honestly, it is a little worse than our other options, but you get what you pay for, and it still does better than you would expect. The camera takes HD video , but only at p, and its only has five megapixels for still images. However, it does have a 4x digital zoom and features a burst mode for continuous shooting, making it a decent option to get action shots. There is one frustrating feature that is does lack that other models definitely have.

Or rather, it is not so much a feature, but a piece of equipment. This does mean you can use your own and put in whatever size you want to, but still, it is nice when companies include something you actually need to take pictures. The Snorkel Store.