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Free PS4 games fans have had to wait till the last Wednesday in December to find out what is being primed for launch for next month. November's PlayStation Plus lineup set the bar pretty high by offering up Bulletstorm: And PS Plus subscribers will be hoping to finish the year with more top titles to add to their digital library.

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More on the overall outlooks from Piscatella, who adds: A recent Sony financial report also confirmed other more surprising numbers regarding the PS Plus subscription service. This includes the sales of PS4 hardware, as well as increases in sales of the PlayStation Plus subscription service. So it certainly sounds like there could be more PS Plus subscribers waiting to find out what will be released next month on PS4. Why do you say there is 3 PS4 games? Iconoclasts says you can crossbuy with PS4, but there is nowhere that mentions that the game is playable on PS4??

SureBigBuster said:. I love Steins;Gate and its a plesure to see everone getting the chance to try, even though its on PS3. If you only knew how many times I was about to buy Onrush but was short a few dollars. Iconoclast looks fun. May give that a try. KazeEternal said:. I loved every minute of it.

Played it from start to finish on my Vita. Onrush yes! Was always willing to buy at a cheaper price but this will add to the player base, great month! Lucolskull99 said:. McSipp said:. MolochsRevenge said:.

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I feel like why are we still getting games that are not crossbuy? MakaiOokami said:. People want new games, then they complain. Can you at least say the last time you were happy with PS Plus?

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Or I dunno… Crazy thought… try some of the games, or at least pretend to be open minded? FreemyLlama said:. This is why Xbox will always be superior to PS. Glad I traded my ps4 for an Xbone. Gorvi said:. You must be new to Playstation Plus…. Welmosca said:. BradlesMcGee said:. PhoenixML21 said:. Johnny-Rokkit said:. Nyghtwynd said:. Haven;t played Soma. Time for my,,, 5th copy of the game? Renatojssillas said:. Slydevil13 said:. And they wonder why people say gamers are entitled.

If it was something like Titanfall 2 just an example that would be better as it has replayability. Admiralvic said:. I rarely play online and I rarely download the free games. You want to want the game rather than… I dunno. Try something new and maybe finding a new love?

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How many people dissed towerfall or a similar game and then fell in love with it after they played it? I remember when people used to freak out over game demos and subscribe to magazines over them. Zeita-Core said:. People have a right to expect the value they pay for. I think the racing game may be fun, but its the only title that interests me. To say that that one title will be worth the price for this month, is rather unlikely.

McSipp — You sir is the very problem with the gaming community. What about the cloud save?


Now we have triple A games less than 1 year old and people complain. You say only 1 game does not make the service worth?

AnDruDollaz1 said:. Christmas used to have a rich tradition of telling ghost stories as well. A tradition that has been lost to the ages but was commonplace in mid 19th century Victorian England.

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Centered around the winter solstice which always lands days before Christmas. Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night.

People believed the extended nightfall created a thin veil between the living and the dead. Thus that night would be the most likely of nights to experience supernatural hauntings, or be visited by ghosts from beyond the grave. December is just days away, and with it yet another batch of free PlayStation Plus games for subscribers to Sony's premium online service. This month is decent, but nothing special much like the Xbox Games With Gold offerings.

There's a range of titles, however, so there should be something for everyone next month. The Dark Descent. It's apparently a new release, so why this is in the PS3 category is a mystery I can find reviews for it on Xbox One and PC but not on any PlayStation platform, so it must be new to Sony's consoles. Looks goodtoo bad it's on PS3 and not PS4. Papers, Please Credit: