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On Audible. Though the majority of books are purchased using membership credits, the most favorable royalties are for sales to readers who are not Audible members. Again, this may be different from your suggested retail price.

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The same rubric applies to sales to iTunes. Under a complex formula, per-book royalties for membership sales are about half as much , according to the company website. For all other sales partners, publishers can figure out in advance what they will earn; a schedule attached to the Findaway Voices contract provides the information they need to do that. I used the Findaway Voices royalty schedule to do an apples-to-apples comparison again, with the understanding that the sample non-exclusive royalty Stover provided upon my request is approximate: On Audiobooks. But as this example illustrates, publishers, in effect, pay a high premium for the virtual shelf space.

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P lan strategically. A detailed royalty statement can help you direct listeners to platforms that pay higher royalties or generate more sales. For each sales partner, the one from Findaway Voices shows: ACX breaks down sales by various channels within Audible members versus non-members, for example. This bounty applies to both exclusive and non-exclusive ACX users. Unlike with Findaway Voices, its contract does not spell out the royalties that each sales channel pays. At my request, Speers sent me an Excel spreadsheet with a breakdown by sales channel showing total units sold and royalties earned within each channel since Four Seasons in a Day went live as an audiobook in July.

M aintain your independence. Financially, a hybrid approach to distribution makes the most sense. For books distributed to iTunes, Amazon and Audible, you can enter into a non-exclusive deal directly with ACX, and avoid splitting these royalties with an aggregator. You will also have access to the detailed royalty statement and a dashboard from which you can track your sales, practically in real time. One potential glitch is that ACX contracts require a seven-year commitment, which Stover says is not negotiable.

And, thinking ahead, that could someday interfere with your freedom to distribute to iTunes without going through ACX. We obtain audiobooks from our partner Audible. The upshot: In effect, ACX remains the sole source of indie audiobooks for iTunes. But there are efforts afoot to change that. E xpect downward pressure on prices. This trend, fueled by the availability of so much free content online, has spread throughout the publishing industry. With many new retailers entering the audiobook market, including Walmart in partnership with Kobo and Google, readers may want a monthly fee to offer more than Audible-style credits, Cobb says.

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Deborah L. Jacobs, a lawyer and journalist, is the author most recently of Four Seasons in a Day: The audiobook version, narrated by Tavia Gilbert , is available from your favorite retailer or library. Follow Deborah on Twitter at djworking and join her on Facebook here. Great write-up on the growing demand for audio. I appreciate how realistic you keep it and have split all the information into bite-sized chunks. All I can say is-please could those competitors to ACX get their companies and distribution models up and running as fast as possible.

I would highly recommend them. Very informative and honest look at an evolving industry.

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  4. As an author of many books, I have experienced the highs and lows of conventional publishing and know the reality of what the majority of authors can expect in terms of returns on effort. Audio offers a wonderful opportunity into an expanding market but it is pricey. Would you have the name of a responsible aggregator? Thanks for your kind words. As you note, this is an evolving field. The major aggregators are mentioned in this article. Hello, thank you for a very useful article. The strangle hold that Amazon owner of audible has on the market is boggling.

    Amazon was at the forefront for authors wishing to self-publish and was an indie leader providing an amazing platform to new authors and talent but they appear to have steered a completely different course for audio books. To me it is obvious, provide the audio books at a comparative price to the ebook? I do hope this was of interest, many thanks. Thank you for the information. I wonder what platform will allow for the largest distribution. Thank you. Hi Deborah. Very useful. I have a question. Is it correct that with Findaway Voices authors cannot do their own narration and must employ a narrator provided by the company?

    I represent multiple authors, some of whom would prefer to narrate. Hi Jody, I spent a couple of weeks researching this article before publishing it in April, and the information in it is the most recent I have. All the platforms mentioned allow authors to narrate their own books, though that may not be obvious when you first sign on to their sites.

    Very nice article.

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    You provided the answers to many questions I was beginning to research online. Thanks for the detail and critical review. Thank you so much for such an informative article. If I understand you I could sign up with ACX as non-exclusive so I get itunes and then go with another company for a greater distribution.

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    Is this correct? Deborah, I am a self publisher with many titles on kindle and acx, been looking into other platforms after reading this for my audio books. Is it okay if I do royalty share on acx, seeing as I make most of my money on kdp and createspace anyway. Many talented narrators will not do royalty shares. Have you have been satisfied with these arrangements? Hi Deborah! I would love to speak with you about this if you are available. I think the information would be very beneficial to those who follow your blog. Feel free to email me at tyrrell tydefmedia. Hello ,thanks for sharing all this great info on this post, i just want to know one thing , does amazon accept Paypal as payment method like Ebay?

    I have several audiobooks already published and wondered how the 7 year non- negotiable contract will affect me when it ends.

    Check, please

    This is extremely informative. May I ask what you have found to be the best way to go? Exclusive or non exclusive? Given that most people choose to get their audiobooks via audibleā€¦not sure what to do. For my own books, I have chosen a non-exclusive arrangement. Thank you, Deborah! I thought that was wrong, so I called them. Thank you for this enlightening article! Your email address will not be published.

    Please enter an answer in digits: Facebook Twitter RSS. The Dollars and Sense of Audiobooks: To reach various sales channels, indie publishers can choose from among three major distribution platforms. The Prime channels include podcasts and free audiobook collections that are categorized by theme. Have I sold you on Audible yet? This feature allows you to buy the audio version of a book from Audible at a discounted price when you buy the Kindle version first.

    An example: If you choose to get your audiobooks from Audible you can download the app and listen on: You can also listen on your computer. Audible is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can listen easily in your car. The iBooks store also has a pretty good selection of audiobooks, but without the membership benefits of Audible, their audiobooks are full price, which means expensive.

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    If you choose to get your audiobooks from iBooks, all you need is the app on your phone, and you can browse and purchase titles through the app. Not a lot, but they have a few, and I would imagine that their availability would increase with popularity. I like thrift and simplicity. My favorite audiobook apps: Audible, Overdrive, and Libby. I prefer purchasing the books I want to listen to on my computer; those titles then automatically sync onto my phone. One of my other favorite features: I love the Overdrive app.

    Overdrive is the library app, and all their books are FREE as long as you have a library card. How do you get books? Once you have those two things you need to add a library through the app, so type in the name of your library or your zip code and pick your library from the list. Libby was created by Overdrive. It is for people who want a quicker, more streamlined experience. I would suggest Libby over Overdrive for most people. The problem: I have worked with visually impaired students for five years, and while most were braille readers, their preferred way to consume books was audio.

    The best way to access audio and audiobooks for blind, visually impaired, or anyone who has a physical disability that relies on audio:. Bookshare is awesome. Bookshare titles are available in most countries. I am most familiar with the Read2Go app , which is fairly user friendly. They will send you a catalog of available titles, the talking book equipment, and the books or magazines that you request.

    I personally believe there are already too many opportunities for tech companies to spy on us, but I can see the appeal of a home assistant. Both Amazon Echo and Sonos will play audiobooks, and they both play Audible audiobooks sort of. Sonos can only play Audible audiobooks in format 4. For Amazon Echo, you can access audiobooks through the Alexa app. Find the guide here.

    And yeah, if your Kindle book is Text-to-Speech compatible, Alexa can read it to you. How do you buy audiobooks as gifts?